Sawyer & Tess Griffin: New Hearing Aids

Hearing loss isn’t hereditary. As parents of a hard-of-hearing child, Christine Griffin and husband Steve knew this. That’s why neither could believe their ears when doctors told them that Tess had followed in her brother’s footsteps by being born with significant hearing loss. The odds against this happening are astronomical.

The odds that caring people would step forward to help through a Patient Care Grant partnership between the Foundation and the Bellingham Central Lions Club? Much, much better. More than $4,600 of help later, the Griffin family and the Lions have developed a mutual admiration society.

Fred June of Bellingham Central can’t think of a single higher use for his Club’s half of the cost than to invest it in a family like the Griffins. “This is a single-income family with all the same expenses that the rest of us have, plus the cost of all this extra care for the kids. They deserve all the help we can give them.”

Says Christine, “I was surprised when I found out the Lions could help us. Also relieved because our insurance through Steve’s work doesn’t cover hearing aids. Your help changed Sawyer and Tess’s lives. We are so indebted to your cause.”