Judy Jones: Cornea Recipient

Judy Jones might never have seen her own son Legrand’s face if not for two cornea transplants.

Judy was 4½ months pregnant and losing the race against a rapidly-spreading form of Keratoconus when she received her second transplant. “For me, Legrand’s birth was a double miracle,” says Judy. “Holding him would have been enough, but I am more grateful than I will ever be able to express to the donors who made it possible for me to see every perfect, tiny little feature.”

Legrand is not the only child whom Judy appreciates watching grow and change. There are literally hundreds of faces to be thankful for at the south branch of the Puget Sound Boys and Girls Club she directs. “I would still be able to do this job blind,” she says, “but oh, those smiles! I owe the privilege of seeing them to two people I’ll never meet but whose kindness I will never forget.”