Denver Gordon: Hearing Aid Program Recipient

What if you couldn’t hear to do your work? How about to play with your children? What if you lived where you had no hope of receiving help? What if an audiology student in America found out about your plight?

That’s exactly what happened for C. Denver Gordon of Belize. Thanks to the sister of a PhD Audiology student at the University of Washington, Denver received the hearing aids he desperately needed.

I am so thankful I don’t think the word thanks is just enough to say how much I am thankful for everything I have received. I am so please and happy to have back my hearing in this way. Now I can have fun once more with my young Niece and Nephew, co workers and everybody and everything around me… I must ask you to thank your sister… and the Lions Club.

Thanks again to all of you and the interest you all took from the first email up until I received everything. Thanks a million. Your new friend, I’ll always remember you all. – C. Denver Gorden