Cristina Margolis: Cornea Recipient

In May of 2007, Cristina’s right eye was diagnosed with a very rare and serious infection called Acanthamoeba Keratitis. She underwent intense treatment for three months straight, and although the infection was gone, she was left legally blind. It was very difficult for her to adjust from being a normal 25-year-old to a disabled woman with low self esteem because she felt ashamed, embarrassed, and ugly.

In December of 2008 though, Cristina received the chance to see again by having a very successful cornea transplant. She is now able to see 20/30 – better than she had been able to see before! She no longer even needs glasses, something she had worn her entire life. Cristina feels very blessed to have received the gift of sight again and says a special prayer for her donor and her donor’s family every day. Words simply cannot express her appreciation and respect for this wonderful gift.